Looking to find your way around campus?

Prayer Spaces & Mosques

The Columbia University MSA provides several religious programs to meet the needs of Muslims on campus. There are two prayer rooms on campus available to students during the academic year, and there are a number of mosques around campus. Check this page out for more information regarding congregational prayer logistics and an interactive map showing all the praying resources available on campus.

Dining Options & Restaurants

Thanks to Columbia Dining Services, halal food options have become available at two dining halls on campus for those on meal plans or looking to eat at a university dining hall. There are also a number of restaurants around Morningside Heights and New York City that offer options for those looking to dine outside of campus. Check this page for an interactive map detailing MSA-recommended spots.

Official Campus Map

Lost? Check out this page for an embedded PDF showing the full Columbia University Morningside campus complete with building and street names.