Support for Columbia Prison Divest

The Columbia Muslim Students Association’s Executive Board fully supports Columbia Prison Divest’s campaign to call for Columbia University to immediately divest all of its shares in the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) and G4S. As of June 30th, 2013, Columbia University owned 230,432 shares (roughly $8,000,000) in CCA and […]

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Statement on Sexual Assault

This year, the issue of sexual assault on our campus has been of great importance to the Columbia community. Many students and student groups have expressed concerns about Columbia University’s sexual assault policy and case adjudication process. The Columbia Muslim Students Association (MSA), along with the entire community, […]

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Project Nur Applications

Project Nur is currently accepting applications to serve on the board during the 2014 spring semester. We are currently looking to fill the following positions: service coordinator(s), media coordinator(s), and classes/halaqa coordinator(s). Download the application.

Project Nur – the social justice arm of the MSA – began with […]

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Fall 2013 Feedback Survey

Assalamu alaikum all,

In an effort to make our organization one that meets the needs and desires of Muslims on and around Columbia’s campus, we’ve put together a survey for members of our community to fill out. We will consider all responses in our future activities and hope that this […]

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Bring Transparency To Campus Assault

Did you attend this week’s event, No More Sexual Assault? Want to make an impact locally, starting right here on campus? If so, then read on.

Last semester, a number of students came to the Columbia Democrats with concerns about the way in which […]

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