The Columbia University Muslim Students Association is one of the oldest organizations of its kind in the United States. Students from the myriad undergraduate and graduate schools at Columbia all participate in the MSA, contributing their diverse perspectives and shaping the organization through their participation. We are dedicated to creating a strong Muslim community on campus, and we seek to accomplish this both by creating spaces for Muslims to interact with one another and by creating spaces for the general Muslim community to have conversations with other students and groups in the larger Columbia community. Our events and initiatives are geared towards promoting a greater understanding of the religion of Islam among all members of the Columbia community. Through these efforts, we aim to strengthen the Muslim community while concomitantly building strong relations with the larger university and the local Morningside Heights and Harlem communities.

Our Mission

The 2016-2017 MSA Executive Board aims to foster Muslim life on campus and strengthen the bonds between our allies, associates, and members within the Columbia community. We are united in the goal of promoting MSA’s presence on campus for both current and future constituents. The MSA aims to organize  a variety of events that will seek to promote and address issues that are relevant to our community. We seek to educate our community about the various aspects of Islam, hoping to increase awareness about contemporary issues that are relevant to society today.

Historically, it has been only through the efforts and support of the general body that the initiatives of the MSA have been brought to fruition.  As a result, we hope to work closely with our community members in order to better understand and acknowledge their needs. This year’s board will strive to ensure a productive and exciting year for the MSA, with the help of Allah (SWT). The Board was elected to serve the interests of the general body and welcomes any and all feedback on how to enhance its work and be of greater service to the community.

Our Impact

The MSA reaches out to a wide community of current students, alumni, and New York City residents throughout the year as we organize events in pursuit of fulfilling our mission. These events range from the small and intimate (like our halaqas) to the large and public (like The Muslim Protagonist or Islam Awareness Week). These events also vary greatly in their principal aims; we have service-oriented, educational, political, social, and spiritual events that take place throughout the year. We engage our own community and work in coalition with other faith communities. We pray together, nearly every week. Through all these efforts and more, we are more than just an association of students—we are a living, breathing, vibrant community.

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Meet the Executive Board

The MSA Board can reached by email at the contact form here.

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