Faizan Kothari
Faizan KothariPresident
 Faizan is from Miami, Florida and studies Biochemistry and Business Management at Columbia College.
Hamed Nilforoshan
Hamed NilforoshanVice President
 Hamed is a sophomore studying Computer Science from Wellesley, MA.
Nadine Yassin
Nadine YassinTreasurer
Nadine is the Treasurer of the MSA and is majoring in Biochemistry from Barnard College (with hopefully a minor in Arabic).
Samia Abedin
Samia AbedinSecretary
Samia is a student in CC’19 studying the intersection between culture and human rights with medicine on a global scale.
Aysha Qureshi
Aysha QureshiSocial Chair
Aysha is currently a junior at Barnard College majoring in Computer Science.
Ayah Eldosougi
Ayah EldosougiCommunity Chair
Ayah Eldosougi is a senior in the School of General Studies and a Human Rights major.
Abeera Nadeem
Abeera NadeemEvents Coordinator
Abeera is a student in the Class of 2018 at Barnard College.
Maryam Rostoum
Maryam RostoumMedia Coordinator
Maryam Rostoum is an Econ major (‘18) from Princeton, New Jersey.
Fatima Koli
Fatima KoliSenior Advisor
Fatima is a student in the Class of 2017 at Barnard College.
Yousr Shaltout
Yousr ShaltoutSenior Advisor
Yousr is a student in the Class of 2017 at Barnard College, planning on majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a pre-med track. She hails from New Jersey.