Maryam Rostoum
Maryam RostoumPresident
 Maryam Rostoum is an Econ major (BC ‘18) from Princeton, New Jersey.
Cesay Camara
Cesay CamaraVice President
 Cesay Camara is currently a rising sophomore at Barnard College hoping to pursue a degree in Urban Studies or economics.
Zarmeen Mussa
Zarmeen MussaTreasurer
Zarmeen is a Junior in SEAS studying Biomedical Engineering and Applied Math.
Ishrat Aishee
Ishrat AisheeSecretary
Ishrat is currently a sophomore at Barnard College, majoring in Economics and Anthropology (for now, anyways).
Aziza Rahman
Aziza RahmanCo-Events Coordinator
Aziza Rahman is a nerdy sophomore at Barnard College studying Neuroscience and Behavior with a Behavioral concentration (iA).
Fatou Diallo
Fatou DialloCo-Events Coordinator
Fatoumata Diallo (aka Fatou) is a junior at Columbia College from New York City. She is studying Biology with a concentration in Ethnicity and Race Studies on the pre-med track.
Shahnur Said
Shahnur SaidSocial Chair
Coming from Little Rock, Arkansas, Shahnur Fatima Said is a rising sophomore majoring in history.
Sarah Chaudhry
Sarah ChaudhryCommunity Outreach
Sarah Chaudhry is a senior studying Cellular Biology with a concentration in Neuroscience.
Humza Mirza
Humza MirzaProject Naas Chair
Humza Mirza is a senior in Columbia College majoring in Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species.
Ahmad Ejaz
Ahmad EjazPolitical Chair
Ahmad is a sophomore in Columbia College currently majoring in Biology.
Tasneem Ebrahim
Tasneem EbrahimMuslim Protag Chair
Tasneem Ebrahim is a sophomore at Barnard College studying cellular and molecular biology.
Fatima Khan
Fatima KhanSister Circle Chair
Fatimah Khan is a sophomore at Barnard College. She is still contemplating what to major in, but she is on a pre-med track.
Hamed Nilforoshan
Hamed NilforoshanWebmaster
Hamed is a Junior in Columbia College studying Computer Science.
Aysha Qureshi
Aysha QureshiSenior Adviser
Aysha is currently a senior at Barnard College majoring in Computer Science.
Abeera Nadeem
Abeera NadeemSenior Adviser
Abeera is a student in the Class of 2018 at Barnard College.
Nadine Yassin
Nadine YassinSenior Adviser
Nadine is the Treasurer of the MSA and is majoring in Biochemistry from Barnard College (with hopefully a minor in Arabic).