Are you a community member who wants to get more involved with Columbia MSA, see how it runs and help to plan events? Use this Google form to apply join as an organizing committee member!

OCMs will work under a programming committee chair of their choice to plan and host events in that vein:

1. Community Outreach

The community outreach chair has a responsibility to lead and create extensive collaborative efforts with communities within Columbia, who have intersecting and/or overlapping struggles as the Muslim community, as well as with the larger Harlem Community to provide a space for growth and solidarity. In addition, we maintain close contact with other local Muslim organizations to strengthen our presence and foster a robust Muslim community in the greater New York area. We look forward to expanding upon these goals and reaching new heights with your ideas and support.

Current chair: Mamasa

2. Religious Affairs

The Religious Affairs Chair is responsible for coordinating aspects of spiritual life on campus ranging from lectures to jumu’ah, as well as ensuring a safe spiritual pace for all members of the Muslim community. Suggestions for future events and directional ideas are welcome!

Current chair: Mariam

3. Political Affairs

The political affairs chair is responsible for overlooking all politically relevant events on campus, interfaith programming, and events with other campus political organizations. Furthermore, this chair is responsible for drafting necessary responses and relaying the board’s views on campus-wide happenings and administrative actions. The Political Affairs Chair is not only a liaison between MSA and other student groups, but must also serve as the MSA’s representative with the University administration in regards to political matters. Finally and most importantly, the PAC’s main responsibility is to create a safe environment in which the larger Muslim community can raise their concerns by organizing Know Your Rights workshops and events that highlight important issues concerning the nature of being Muslim in America.

Current chair: TBD

4. Social Affairs

The social affairs chair shall plan and oversee: Islamic social activities including Eid dinners, Town Hall meetings, etc.

Current chair: Hasan

Most board members start as OCMs before moving on to board positions, so it’s also a valuable experience if you plan to get more involved with MSA in the near future.

Applications due October 1st. Don’t miss out!