Elections are right around the corner and the MSA is accepting nominations from now until Sunday, March 23rd! The elections will take place on March 27th (room TBA).

  • All individuals interested in running for elections should be nominated, either through a self-nomination or by a community member. Nominations must be submitted by Sunday, March 23rd, by email to cumsaelections2014@gmail.com. A nominee can be nominated for multiple positions.
  • The nominees will be contacted and notified of the positions they have been nominated for.
  • The nominees have to confirm the positions they will run for.
  • All nominees are welcome to discuss why they are interested in running with community members, but active campaigning (mass emails, campaigns etc) is not encouraged.

Available positions:


The President is in a sense the face of the Muslims on Columbia’s campus and is in charge of maintaining the requisite liaisons with various campus clubs, organizations and Columbia’s bureaucracy. Internally, the President ensures a smooth running of the board and carrying the team forward to ever new heights.


The VP is an extremely important aide to the board and the President and plays a sheet anchor role in the day to day functioning of the board. The VP coordinates, and overviews all programming and networking in conjunction with the President and takes command when the President is unable to.


The Treasurer is the finance sultan of the club and ensures that all events run smoothly and within budget. It provides an excellent platform to understand the Columbia bureaucracy and an incredible training ground for learning financial discipline. The Treasurer additionally has the unique opportunity to lobby well for budget increases in order to better the already very high quality of MSA events. The job requires a fair amount of paperwork and is, as per many previous Treasurers, the most satisfying job on the board.


The Secretary’s role is to serve primarily as the recorder and moderator of weekly board meetings. The major tasks of the Secretary are to take detailed meeting minutes during meetings and compile an organized and comprehensive agenda to be distributed during board meetings. As the in-house captain, the Secretary makes sure meetings run smoothly and in a timely manner.

Programming Committee Member: Religious Life

The Religious Life Chair is responsible for planning and overseeing all events that aid in the spiritual growth of the community. The Religious Life Chair is responsible for creating opportunities for religious growth and religious knowledge. S/he will also be responsible for aiding in the Friday prayers and maintaining the proper environments in the prayer rooms on Columbia Morningside Campus. The Religious Life Chair must take into consideration the vastly different practices of Islam work to ensure development among members of the community. S/he must  interact intimately with other student groups, especially interfaith, by having joint events/programs. The Religious Life Chair is expected to be well-known to the executive boards of other student faith groups, establishing appropriate ties with them in order to build bonds of friendship and alliance between the Muslim student community and other student communities on campus. As a PCM, s/he will be permitted to plan and oversee programming for events that do not necessarily fall under his/her responsibilities.

Programming Committee Member: Social Affairs

The Social Affairs Chair is responsible for planning and organizing social events. For example, they can plan movie outings, movie trips and general body meetings. Specifically, they shall plan and oversee: Islamic social activities including Eid dinners and Town Hall meetings. Being social chair is a lot of fun because it allows you to come up with creative ways to cultivate community interaction, something that is an essential part of life on campus!

Programming Committee Member: Political Affairs

The role of the PAC is to coordinate activities on campus that pertain to the image, influence, and role of the Muslim student community as an independent entity on campus, and in relation to the other student-community groups of which the campus community is comprised. The holder of the PAC position is compelled to work with the Community Affairs Chair to coordinate programs or events that allow Muslim students on campus to actively shape the way they are perceived by other members of the campus community. This includes community service programming and events/lectures that address the way that Muslims are perceived by the general public and educate this public on such matters in a way the public education/ the media do not.

Programming Committee Member: Community Affairs

The Community Affairs Chair is responsible for planning and overseeing all community service events which serve to encourage the Muslim community to get involved in our local neighborhoods in Morningside Heights and Harlem. The Community Affairs Chair is primarily responsible for the annual Fast-a-Thon in the fall semester and should anticipate beginning the planning process in the summer. S/he will also be responsible for spear-heading the Fast-a-Thon Committee in addition to organizing and running biweekly or monthly meetings for the Community Affairs Committee throughout the second half of the fall and first half of the spring semesters. As a PCM, s/he will be permitted to plan and oversee programming for events that do not necessarily fall under his/her responsibilities.

Events Coordinator

The Events Coordinator is in charge of the logistics of every event organized by the MSA. An Event Coordinator’s role primarily involves booking spaces in a timely manner to ensure that the MSA needs are best fulfilled. These include spaces for MSA weekly meetings, Juma’ah prayer services, Halaqas, classes, and all other MSA programming that is done throughout the year. Organization and time management is key, as well as timely communication with the MSA advisor and staff at University Events Management. The job provides a great opportunity to develop bonds with the Columbia bureaucratic establishment and to serve the Muslims on campus.

Media Coordinator

The Media Coordinator is in charge of the external communications of the MSA. This includes writing up (and perfecting) the weekly MSA emails, staying up to date with all of the emails being received by the MSA, assuring that the rest of the board is aware of any important emails, and conducting outreach with regards to other groups and clubs. The Media Coordinator must also be very comfortable with e-mail etiquette, as the role involves representing the MSA in a professional manner. Lastly, this position also requires a consistent commitment, as e-mails are received very frequently, and may sometimes require urgent responses.

Senior Advisor

The senior advisor provides the board with useful insight into matters that are pertinent to the community and to students as a whole. They use their understanding and experience with the community to help the board with strategic decision making.

Graduate Advisor

The Graduate Advisor advises the Executive Board in all matters, representing the graduate students of the Association. S/he acts as a liaison between existing graduate Muslim groups and the Association.

For more info on MSA and the positions listed above, feel free to contact us at cumsaelections2014@gmail.com.