Did you attend this week’s event, No More Sexual Assault? Want to make an impact locally, starting right here on campus? If so, then read on.

Last semester, a number of students came to the Columbia Democrats with concerns about the way in which Columbia adjudicates cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape. When they began investigating University procedures for cases of gender-based misconduct, the Dems were disturbed to find that the information published falls far short of what we need to discern whether or not Columbia is upholding its obligations to student safety.

This past Wednesday night, the Dems launched a petition drive to demand that Columbia release information on, among other things, the number and nature of sexual assaults on campus, how Columbia and Barnard adjudicate and punish rape and sexual assaults, and the ways in which Public Safety Officers are trained to handle reports of sexual assault. When 20% to 25% of women attending college are assaulted during their 4 years on campus alone, it’s absolutely crucial that students have this information.

Less than 24 hours after launching the petition, the petition has received over 200 signatures. But getting this information disclosed is not going to be easy. The Columbia MSA Board has officially endorsed this position and asks that you sign the Petition to Columbia and Barnard to Bring Transparency to Campus Assault Policy and share it with all of your friends! Show Columbia that this information matters to our community. You can sign the petition by filling out this Google Form.

Thanks so much for your support—this is really important to the health and safety of our student population. Please feel free to contact Sejal Singh (ss4120@columbia.edu) or the Dems Board (dems@columbia.edu) if you have any questions.