Website Getting Updated!


Assalaamu alaikum and welcome to the Columbia MSA website! We’re working on a few things over the summer and will hopefully have the website up and running by the end of July, insha’Allah.

Jumu’ah over the summer

Alhamdolillah, we have secured jumu’ah spaces for the next few weeks of the summer. The locations are as follow:

July 18th: Sockman Lounge (Interchurch Center)
July 25th: Sulzberger Parlor (3rd floor of Barnard Hall)
August 1st: Rooms C & D (Interchurch Center)
August 8th: Sockman Lounge (Interchurch Center)
August 15th: James Room (4th floor of Barnard Hall)
August 22nd: Sockman Lounge (Interchurch Center)
August 29th: Sockman Lounge (Interchurch Center)

A request has also been put in for a space for September 5th; we will update this post with news of that jumu’ah as soon as we hear back. The Interchurch Center is located at 475 Riverside Drive behind Barnard’s campus between West 119th and West 120th Streets – you can enter from either Claremont Avenue or Riverside Drive. Barnard Hall is located on Barnard’s campus – it is building directly facing the main gates on West 117th Street.

We remind all community members to look into any of the alternative praying locations around the city and checking in with local mosques to get more info about jumu’ah if there are other locations that might be more conveniently situated.