IamY Convention 2012


Through annual conventions, IamY hopes to raise awareness about the unique struggles faced by American Muslim youth. By educating the youth themselves and enlightening their families about youth issues, we hope to give the Muslim community the tools and knowledge needed to overcome these challenges and become active, responsible citizens of their world.


It is said that our future can only be determined if we first realize who we are. As American Muslim youth, we are bearers of complex and rich histories. And yet judging by the numerous identity crises plaguing many Muslim youth today, it seems as if we have forgotten ourselves. Our hope at IamY is to inspire American Muslim youth to reawaken and appreciate the complexities that make us who we are. Through education and empowerment, we hope to promote a better understanding of ourselves, our world, and our Lord.

Ultimately, we dream of a brighter, more defined future. Do you?

Who are We?

As Muslim youth ourselves, we are passionate about youth issues. Hailing from the awesome state of NJ, we know the TriState area. Conventions, conferences, and all sorts of events come and go in this Muslim hot spot. But what makes IamY unique is our intense focus on youth issues. We recognize that the youth are a crucial part of the Muslim community, and their problems are interconnected to the problems of the community.

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